Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Let's face facts you can here to get the truth, to find out how you can take what I will teach you and turn that into CASH in YOUR POCKET FAST, and that is exactly what I do for you in The Information Millionaire. So lets start you off with what one of my customers said that attended the last event in Melbourne...and there a heaps more you can look at and read later on..unlike many people that have testimonials they show from 10 years ago that they are still dragging out to try and impress people and have no real relevance in todays tough marketplace....I change the testimonials after each event ..each and everyone of these that you see are from the August event here in Melbourne this year and I could have put over 50 of them up here for you but I have grabbed only a few and by the way, not the few that were over the top! just the ones that reflected the normal opinion of the people that attended...You - The Information Millionaire is exactly what happens when you attend this event...I am going to turn you into your knowledge, your skill, you life experience, your desire and passion, your hobby into an instant income generating machine...just plain unashamed fact so do yourself and your bank account a BIG favor and read on.....

This system is so simple a 9 year old can do it ...WATCH....

"Garry encouraged me to walk into The Information Millionaire as if it was the first day of the rest of my life and that i did exactly! He had me sitting on the edge of my seat the whole seminar as he shared his incredible knowledge and proven strategies. What really stood out about Garry's training was the fact that he not only gave me loads of tools and processes to kick start my business but he ensured that I would be able to apply it all the minute I left the seminar. Garry gave me everything in his tool box, he allowed me to turn the burning passion I have inside for speaking into a MASSIVE ACTION PLAN in which I can hit the ground running with. He left no question unanswered and the best part is that I have access to him for the next two months even though the event is over!

"Aleisha Haslemore, "The Ultimate Edge" Thanks again for a great weekend Garry!

YOU - The Information Millionaire is about exactly that...making YOU an Information Millionaire, not it 10 years or 8 years or even 5 years....follow the proven, easy to apply systems and strategies we teach you and a million dollars in income will only be your starting point.

How do we know this works....SIMPLE, I have spent 30 years of my life in this business and I have worked with and run businesses for some of the biggest names in the world today so lets see if any of these names ring a bell with you...

Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Conrad Levison, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn and Donald Trump just to name a few that I have worked with.

More importantly I have trained over 4000 business owners and people just like you from all over the world and they have changed their financial world by using and integrating the fantastic information we teach them.

Information is all around us, every aspect of our lives is impacted at some level either by information we have or information we wished we had....

I want to teach you how to take the information you already have from your life experience or show you how you can get hold of information that other people need right now and package and present this information in such a way that people form all over the world will be wanting to pay YOU money to hold of this information.

Does this seem to good to be true? Everything and more will be delivered to you all you need to do is e-mail me at
influence@thewealthfactory.com.au and let me know the best way you would like me to contact you and then we can speak together to see if this program is truly right for you or in fact if you qualify for the program.

We only accept 50 attendees to the program in any session as this allows me to work individually with each and every person to maximize their personal learning experience, we have a program that is separated into three distinct stages...the first is before you come to the 3 live days in Melbourne.

In this first section we build in the fundamentals and revision as well as many new concept break downs so that YOU get massive value before you even come to the event ( you would not believe how many people tell us they got their total value worth in the pre-training before they event came to stage 2 the live aspect.

The second section of the training is 3 intensive training days with nothing held back and no compromises on the time taken to be sure that not only to you get what to do but that you also get exactly HOW to do it.

The third session is some detailed review, new components that build on what you have already learned but most importantly the focus is getting you at take action and use what we have taught you so YOU can become one of our INFORMATION MILLIONAIRE hall of fame millionaires.

Our companies mission is to create1000 new Australian millionaires before 5.30pm, December 25th, 2012......I would like 50% of these new millionaire to be Information Millionaires

Lets see what a few of our students have to say:






As one of, if not the top " Peak Performance Coach " on the planet for Anthony Robbins, it takes a lot to impress Joseph because he has pretty much seen it all in the speaking, coaching and training business so you need to take a couple of minutes and listen to what Joseph has to tell you


What an incredible program, Garry's wealth of knowledge and experience is thrust upon you in a 'no holds barred' fashion. Committed to answer every question, Garry does NOT leave the room until all your questions are answered. I was left in a free associative daze, with my mind swimming with inspiring and practical strategies that I have started applying immediately. If you want a true understanding of the speaking industry and are committed to amazing results, then this is the program for YOU!

Aleks Srbinoski, Clinical & Coaching Psychologist, inPsychology NSW

It’s Bernie Wiemers here, I’m just dropping you a quick line to thank you for the seminar I attended over the weekend. It was a fantastic experience and I it has turned my world upside down in the way that I approach my book planning, book writing, and what I am going to do deliver to my customers.
You see, before doing this course I was probably like a lot of other people, I was getting bogged down in details and I was getting confused. I really didn’t know what I wanted to tell my customers.
The way you taught us how to think of our products and our customers through results driven mind mapping has totally changed the way I think. I am now results driven and I’ve started writing my book. It’s clear and it’s running smoothly, and I think at this rate I should have something finished in 2 weeks. For those of you thinking of doing this course, I totally recommend it. When Garry says that he is going to give you 150% of his time and he is going to support you, he means it.
This course has been one of the best courses that I have done all year and has been the only course I have done that has moved me emotionally to get the results I need.
So thank you Garry, I am really looking forward to attending more of your seminars in the future and I wish you the best of luck.

Bernie Wiemers


I know for myself that the weekend was such an inspiring few days that I have ever been a part of, your enthusiasm and training content was fantastic There has never been a better time to get the best out of life and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of Garry Kewish's training weekends to jump at it, you will not be disappointed.

Regards Diane Bardi

The weekend was turbo-charged, better than excellent, incredible. Garry, as a late bloomer I am turning a mid-life crisis into the most exciting and awesome period of my life. I would be very happy to make video testimonial.

Cheers, Luke Ross

Every single day I am immensely grateful to God for designing our paths to cross. With your help, I have with so much pleasure discovered my life's calling, my true purpose in life. The new feeling is exquisite. It is this little thing that vibrates in me which is growing and growing every single day of my life bringing more clarity on what I get to choose to do in life rather than what I have to do in life. It is this little thing in me that bring so much happiness, so much fulfilment, so much confidence.
The sweet beginning goes back to an event in Melbourne Feb 08 when, during a presentation for the Speaking Success Unleashed, you made a call for action. Well let me say that it hit me like a bullet, time just froze, it was this moment of truth my life has been waiting for. I felt zillions of mix emotions in that split second. Fantastic emotions of hope, success, joy, happiness, clarity, purpose with, I must admit, a grain of of doubt, fear, uncertainty. But the beautiful vision of the life ahead was way too compelling for me to remain seated.
I once wanted to be a speaker after attending a motivational seminar. I was over the moon. I felt so motivated, so excited and so empowered that I could reach the sky. In that moment of clarity, I could see myself as a inspirational speaker but it never eventuated until...
My body subconsciously reacted to your words after five long years sleeping under the carpet. Although the mind was playing up games, the heart just would not listen. I just jumped up from my chair, feeling this big rush of adrenalin in the process, to join your team of successful graduate speakers.
Garry, I have never seen any speaker or coach who is so immensely dedicated to his students. In this two day event, you have not just delivered the program as promised but you made sure that no stone was left unturned. The tools, techniques and strategies that you have passionately taught us will beyond doubt create the most magnificent foundation to my speaking career.
I also cannot thank you enough for your time after the presentation and the marvellous words of empowerment that you have given to me. When I signed up, you said: "You have everything in you to be a successful speaker. You have confidence, you look smart and your natural smile is fantastic." So the wonderful journey begun and life will never be the same again!
Unlike any other program, it just does not end there. Like an air tower that guides its plane to a successful landing, I know you will be there to mentor me with your wisdom, to inspire me during the turbulent times and above all to help me with my strategies, my presentation and my products (which will empower people!). It felt good to be on stage yesterday night, scanning the room and saying good morning! I can't wait to be up there with you and I am planning my success now! You will hear from me over the next two months.

Nicholas Tang

Garry Kewish is uncompromising in his goal to provide 150% service to his clients. I have referred to myself as a seminar junkie over the years, yet I have NEVER experienced the level of care, attention, expertise and concise yet comprehensive information provided by Garry Kewish PRIOR to the weekend seminar, and more is promised (& no doubt will be delivered) POST seminar! I am honoured and grateful to be a part of Speaking Success Unleashed and looking forward to not only attending the weekend seminar, but meeting Garry in person. the whole experience to date has been an absolute pleasure.


“My name is Serena Moran Hart from Tasmania. I attended the Speaking Success Unleashed / Information Millionaire course in August 2008. The course was completely different from my expectations going in, and for me, it didn’t completely make sense until the very completion of the course. On the drive home it all became very clear. What I got was far more that I expected, both on a deep, intellectual level as well as the level of commitment and service provided by Garry. I am just so pleased that I chose to participate in the Information Millionaire for both my personal and business life.”

Warm regards,
Serena Hart.

‘This weekend has been fantastic! I have learnt so much and absolutely love the energy Garry puts into every single word.
From mindset to models and the actual step by step process to deliver your unbelievable seminar it was worth every minute.
Beware, you WILL see my face and you WILL hear my name because today I know I can do anything with the knowledge gained and with the continued support of Garry and his team. With the passion you have inside you and the information you gain from this weekend’s seminar there will be NOTHING that will hold you back.’

Shirena Vasan


Thank you dearly for a life-changing two days. Last weekend was unforgettable, and I will ever recall it with heartfelt gratitude.

I do not know whether I will do justice to your hopes for us.. but for me, the test came on Monday morning itself - I had to deliver a presentation immediately on return to Brisbane, and had stayed up all night in Melbourne after the seminar finished on Sunday night preparing for it. I used many of the techniques and skills that you taught at the seminar, and the outcome was that it was the best presentation I have ever given... and the rewards were in the smiles that eventually broke out on the normally grim countenances of some of my senior colleagues around the meeting table - they were the first 'real' smiles that I've ever seen them display. It's amazing what a powerful impact joy and passion, focus and precision, and a sprinkling of good ol' fashioned love can have on any setting..

I'm so thankful for the learning's of the weekend, and cannot wait to bring them to fruition. I just wanted to convey this. This is not my testimonial for the weekend; I will put that in writing and send it to you with some preparation. Also, I am not at all averse to a video testimonial; please do let me know when/if you will be in Brisbane next - it will be a delight to be in your presence again.

In gratitude and respect,


This is a short video on Garry Kewish, on stage in Sydney Australia.
The subject of this session was on personal achievement and it was to approx. 1200 people

Garry presenting at the National Achiever Congress in Singapore

The National Achievers Congress (NAC) is a 2-day event to date more than 100,000 people have attended this event from 6 different countries.

Every year, some 5,000 participants from all walks of life attend the Congress to hear, see and learn from world-renowned speakers such as The Honorable William J. Clinton, Michael Porter, Robert Kiyosaki, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Garry Kewish, Tom Hopkins, Jay Abraham, Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen, Daniel Goleman, Dr. Denis Waitley, Peter Lynch, Zig Ziglar, Michael Porter, John Naisbitt, who are all legendary success icons in their respective fields.

This year Garry presented with such other worldwide gurus as Joe Girard, Blair Singer, T.Harv Eker, Roger Hamilton, Adam Ginsberg and Steve Linder. All these experts shared their strategies and skill to help participants make money, grow your incomes and profits in your business and personal life regardless of the steep competition and the state of your market and the economy!